Tuesday, October 25, 2016

One of North Elementary's good friends, Dave Marlin, shared THIS ARTICLE with me today.  Dave is a retired engineer, a grandparent to one of our students, and is a great advocate for our STEM efforts.  Please take a few minutes to share this article with your child and get him/her excited about STEAM! Go Polar Bears!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Robotics and After-school clubs

I've attached a picture from our Finch robotics unit.  The kids are loving this!

You can look HERE to see the robot in action!

On a separate note, many of our parents are asking about how they can get their child into our after-school clubs.  So far, we have Lego Robotics, Geology, and Chemistry clubs.  We also have plans this year to start up

 Computer, Dance, and Theater clubs.  We are thrilled to see the response for these fun clubs--we just wish we had enough room to accommodate all the students who want to participate!

There is always an open invitation for volunteers who think they have something to offer and would like to sponsor a club.  Just contact the office and we'll talk over the options!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

North Elementary, with huge support from SUU, is bringing robotics to our school!  Dr. Cecily Heiner, SUU professor of computer science, wrote a grant that brings "Finch" robots to our school from October to December this year.  Finch robots were designed at Carnegie-Mellon University's CREATE lab and are meant to help integrate computer programming and robotics into reading, writing, math, etc.  Dr. Heiner and some of her college students will be helping us learn to use the robots over the next few weeks.  Lynae Puckett, our media specialist, will be taking the bulk of the responsibility for this program.  Thanks so much to Lynae and Dr. Heiner for this great opportunity!